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Spanish Food and food behaviors

Eat Spain Up! New York 2016

Next week a unique cultural event is happening in New York, Eat Spain Up. Food and cultural sessions, classes, tasting guided and much more. I will cover the event as a Photographer, which makes me really happy. And just today I booked my flight ticket to go back to Barcelona for Christmas. Everything says great food! All of that made me think of food and Spanish people, and how we relate to it, about food and food’s behaviors. And how different we all are regarding food. I mean, culturally. Continue Reading


Feliç Sant Jordi! Happy International Day of the Book!


Today all over the world is the International Day of the Book. In Catalonia is Sant Jordi, my favorite holiday from my hometown. Streets are packed with books and roses! Can you image a better place to be?

Júlia Solans, a talented artist based in Barcelona, made this fabulous and singular Sant Jordi ad campaign, where the main characters of our traditional story are more authentic than the originals. A campaign where we all are who or what we want to be while reading. I could not think of a more powerful message for a day of celebrating books and culture!


When I read, I am everything I want to be: a princess with an armour, a vegetarian dragon, a knight in love with roses. @Juliasolans

Our traditional dragon when he is reading is a vegetarian dragon!


The princess is not a weak woman just waiting to be saved by a knight! She wears an armour because she is a powerful and strong woman!


Our knight is in love with roses and he is also a caring knight.


The Knight has a garden of solidary’s roses. ©juliasolans


When I read, I am a knight in love with roses. ©juliasolans

Do you want to know more about our legend? Read the information extracted from the Ajuntament de Barcelona website:

Sant Jordi, the patron saint of Catalonia

Sant Jordi, the patron saint of Catalonia since the 19th century, became the symbol of Catalan lands through the Renaixença, the Catalan Renaissance, a political and cultural movement to recover the symbols of Catalan identity.

Once upon a time a fearsome dragon was terrifying the inhabitants of a small town in Catalonia called Montblanc. It was wreaking havoc among the town’s populace and devouring the animals grazing in the fields.

So, to soothe the dragon’s anger, the town’s inhabitants decided they would sacrifice someone every day, drawing lots to see who they would offer as a token of their good will.

One day, it was the turn of the king’s daughter to be sacrificed. But, just when the dragon was about to gobble her up, a handsome knight appeared and confronted the beast. This was Sant Jordi (St George). He drove his lance into the dragon and a bush of red roses sprang out of the blood that spilled.

His was a bold and selfless gesture that changed the course of the town’s history and gave birth to our legend. Ever since it has been the custom in Catalonia to give your loved one a rose. Sant Jordi, the patron saint of Catalonia since the 19th century, became the symbol of Catalan lands through the Renaixença, the Catalan Renaissance, a political and cultural movement to recover the symbols of Catalan identity.



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Happy Thanksgiving!

circa 1945:  A teenage boy tilts his head to eat a drumstick while sitting with his elbows propped on the dinner table. The rest of his Thanksgiving meal consists of mashed potatoes, green beans, and beets.  (Photo by Lambert/Getty Images)

Thanksgiving is my favorite American holiday. Almost everybody celebrates it. Some New Yorkers fly to other states to be with their families, some prefer to feel warmer somewhere away from the city, and many just stay in New York to celebrate with their loved ones. What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Most important, what are you thankful for?

thanksgiving-505However, I must admit I am going to miss being in New York for Thanksgiving. I wish I could celebrate like I did the past years. Anyway, according to tradition, I would like to say what I am thankful for…


By Kim Warp , The New Yorker

I am thankful for all my past Thanksgiving. For the one I spent in Brooklyn with my Italian family. For the one I spent Upstate New York with my American family. For the one I spent in Summit, New Jersey, with my other American family. For the one I spent in Roosevelt Island with my Argentinian family! And I am thankful for the one I am going to celebrate with my Catalan family here in Barcelona!


Turkey and some Thanksgiving goodies.

I am thankful for each person I got to celebrated every year!

I am thankful for all the great people I met in New York.

Thanks to you for reading Barcelona Loves New York!

See you next Thanksgiving in New York!

With whomever and wherever you are going to enjoy this day, I wish you all have a stellar Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving!!


Things to do

2 dates with art & books for the weekend!


This weekend is for book and art’s lovers.

New York Art Fair 2010

New York Art Fair 2010

On Sunday, you have an appointment with literature in Downtown Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Book Festival. This festival is celebrating its 10th Anniversary! It is a festival of books, national and international authors, good books, and great publishing houses. There are plenty of activities for all ages. If you don’t live in Brooklyn, come to visit us, it will be worth it. I swear. They are organizing several events over the weekend. On Saturday is the day for Children’s Books, don’t miss it! The children books in this country are pure art!

Check their website and see you around!

September 19, 2015
Rain or Shine
MetroTech Commons in Downtown Brooklyn

New York Art Book Fair 2010

New York Art Book Fair 2010

The other date for with books and arts will take you to Moma PS1. The New York Art Book Fair is a book fair for art’s enthusiast of all disciplines.

New York Art Book Fair 2010

New York Art Book Fair 2010

My first New York Art Book Fair back on 2010 was an exciting and beautiful experience. I remember I went with two friends, both in the publishing field, writers and editors, like my self. We lost each other in the first rooms. Of course, we didn’t have enough in one day and make a second trip at the fair for art and book lovers. I keep coming back, year after year because it is still my favorite fair of the year. Whatever your plans are this weekend, you must include this fair in your agenda. Furthermore, the building that hosts the fair is enough reason to get there!

September 18–20, 2015
Preview: Thursday, September 17, 6-9pm



Have you all a lovely weekend!