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    Spanish Food and food behaviors

    Eat Spain Up! New York 2016

    Next week a unique cultural event is happening in New York, Eat Spain Up. Food and cultural sessions, classes, tasting guided and much more. I will cover the event as a Photographer, which makes me really happy. And just today I booked my flight ticket to go back to Barcelona for Christmas. Everything says great food! All of that made me think of food and Spanish people, and how we relate to it, about food and food’s behaviors. And how different we all are regarding food. I mean, culturally. Continue Reading

  • circa 1945:  A teenage boy tilts his head to eat a drumstick while sitting with his elbows propped on the dinner table. The rest of his Thanksgiving meal consists of mashed potatoes, green beans, and beets.  (Photo by Lambert/Getty Images)
    Things to do

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Thanksgiving is my favorite American holiday. Almost everybody celebrates it. Some New Yorkers fly to other states to be with their families, some prefer to feel warmer somewhere away from the…

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    2 dates with art & books for the weekend!

    This weekend is for book and art’s lovers. On Sunday, you have an appointment with literature in Downtown Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Book Festival. This festival is celebrating its 10th Anniversary!…

    This is New York!

    New York LA LA LA!

    “It is his bicoastal perspective which started the idea for the film”. Check Nowness for more info about this beautiful video set in a fake New York……