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About myself and my English…

Writing in Bedford Ave

I am Mon Barcelona and I would like to tell you about myself and explain my English skills.

Writing in Bedford Ave

I am originally from Barcelona, where I worked as an editor and writer for a Spanish Publishing house.  They published Spanish as a second language text books. In this environment I would work and write in my native tongue, Spanish.  I have come to New York to write about the city and share my insights and findings. I had originally begun my writing in Spanish.  In September I had created a website ( that was written in Spanish. After several months I realized that not all of the people following my website were able to understand what I was writing about. I had then decided to change the language I was writing into English.

But I want to apologize for my English before hand and, I hope that you will be able to understand my posts when they are not grammatically correct.
I hope that you can forgive my mistakes. My intention is to share my love for this city with all of you.♥