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Things to do This is New York!

He adores New York City…

Woody in the park

In that way Woody Allen declares his love to New York City. In that way I declare my love to him and to New York too.

This morning I just wrote about my feelings to this city. Now I am again so excited. I am here at the park, Brooklyn Bridge Park, waiting for the screening of Manhattan. What it could be more perfect than this? Before I came to New York, many times I thought that it could be great seeing Manhattan in the city, but I figured out  in some little cinema… I don’t know, I think it was a desire… But now, here I am, in my dear Brooklyn, waiting for the projection of Manhattan.

The movie was great but that I knew it. But seeing it here, with the Manhattan’s skyline, in the park, it was magical.

Manhattan, Woody Allen, from Brooklyn Bridge Park

Manhattan, Woody Allen.

The movie was played by Celebrate Brooklyn, a big festival of dance, music, arts…, that happens in different parts of Brooklyn. The screenings projections are in Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 1. They choosed Manhattan to start the season. I can not image best choice! Under the New York sky, watching the movie with  Manhattan’s Skyline, from Brooklyn. Yes, it was simply marvelous!

Yes, I ♥ this city. I ♥ New York City! And… I ♥ Brooklyn sooo much!

Woody Allen, Manhattan. Brooklyn Bridge Park

Woody Allen, Manhattan

New York was his town and it always would be…♥

[You can see more pictures in the album Manhattan, Woody Allen.]


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