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Addicted to Vintage! Addicted to Williamsburg!

Vintage in Brooklyn

Sunday. Williamsburg. Hunting. Addiction. My first Chanel.


Some weeks ago I wrote about my addiction to Salvation Army in Bedford Ave. As I have said, I love hunting in Thrift Stores, and Williamsburg is the best neighborhood to do it. You easily go crazy! There are many thrift store in this neighborhood, some are a bit expensive, but there are still many options, like often happens in New York. Nowadays, people are crazy with Beacon’s. They have a pretty good selection, it’s well organized, and the prices are correct. My first hunted piece in New York was in Beacon’s Park Slope. I did not even know that it was popular vintage store. I pass by while biking, stoped, and bought a vintage bag, so cute.


I ♥ it!

But I will write more about this store because they are located in my neighborhood, Park Slope, and I have to write about it!

On Sunday I meet my friends to go to the Brooklyn Flea (I have to write about my favorite flea market too!) and Artist & Fleas (on N 7th street). But the great discovering this Sunday was another vintage store. I had never seen it before. OMG! It’s wonderful. I could buy many things!!! But I only buy one…

Some times, when I’m hunting I feel that there is something waiting for me. I think is the instinct of the hunters. You know that your prey is close… I was in the store, I saw somethings, but I do not want to try it. I said I want to see the bags. And… there it was, waiting for me… My first Chanel… It was true love!


Crossroads (N 7th street, between Bedford and Berry street), located close to Salvation Army on Bedford Ave. Being honest, it is not exactly true that I did not know the store. A few years ago, I bought something in Francisco. At Crossroads, you can buy and sell clothes and I think it works really well, they pay a good percentage of the price. They have a number of clothes and the prices are fair enough. As I said, I could buy many things, but I catch my prey, it was enough!

I ♥ hunting in Williamsburg. I ♥ Brooklyn!

[You can see more pictures in the album Hunting.]


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