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Between the Seas, Mediterranean Art!!

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After a day at Jacob Riis Beach, I can only think in the great Mediterranean Festival that will start tomorrow!!

Between the Seas

Between the Seas is a festival of Performing Arts from the Mediterranean, artists  from Spain, Algeria, Italy, Israel, Greece or Turkey in the East Village all week long at Wild Project.

Check here for the program,

I checked it already! I will start for sure tomorrow with Paula Quintana, from Spain, who will perform Pieles (Skins). Theater, dance and flamenco? I am sure that it will be great!

Paula quintana, BTS2013

Paula Quintana, BTS2013

Somebody’s Jacket… Somebody’s jacket which awakens our skin. Skin as a symbol of feelings, of instinct, of emotions, in conflict. A constant struggle of feelings which are nearly always at odds with each other and with us. Pieles (Skin) is an emotional journey combining theater, contemporary dance and flamenco, in which we reconcile ourselves with the humanity of our passions and our instincts, letting the skins smell, sweat, bleed, change and feel.

Between The Seas has the special events at DROM, greek shorts films on tuesday. On wednesday Les nuits Espagnoles: Flamenco and the Spanish Vanguard with Anna Tonna.

Flamenco and the Spanish Vanguard

Flamenco and the Spanish Vanguard

The piece is a multi-disciplinary experience that illuminates via dance, song and projections the protagonists of early 20th century Flamenco culture: dancers Antonia Mercé “La Argentina”, Pilar López Encarnación “La Argentinita” and Vicente Escudero, and the artists of the European Vanguard that were drawn to them. Music by Manuel de Falla, Isaac Albéniz, Federico García Lorca, among others,  images by  Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Frances Picabia, and poetry by Federico Garcia Lorca, Rafael Alberti… I will not miss it!

Check the program and enjoy the Art from the Mediterranean!!

Between the Seas 

July 22-28, 2013

at the

Wild Project

195 East 3rd Street


85 Avenue A

Happy week!!





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