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Brooklyn meets Spain

Brooklyn meets Spain at BFF

Next Saturday June 8th Brooklyn meets Spain, the meeting will be hold in Williamsburg and it is gonna be a great!

Brooklyn meets Spain at BFF

Brooklyn meets Spain, at Brooklyn Film Festival 2013

When I first read that Brooklyn Film Festival was going to host Brooklyn meets Spain, a film event about animation from Spain I thought I should go… I like animation and specially animated shorts; nimation in Spain is good and succesful. Also, Mecal, International Short Film and Animation Festival of Barcelona was partnering with Spain Culture New York, and Brooklyn Film Festival, and, you know, something that involves Barcelona and is gonna happen in Williamsburg! I am always in!

Grand Prix, Brooklyn meets Spain

Grand Prix, Brooklyn meets Spain

But then, I started watching some trailers and right now I am so excited about it. I have checked almost all the trailers and I am pretty sure that you would enjoy the most of all those wonderful short stories.

Actually the event includes two programs. At IndieScreen you will see a feature-length documentary 30 Años de Oscuridad (30 years on the darkness) directed by Manuel H. Martín, about the story of Manuel Cortés and his family after the end of Spanish Civil War.

The second program will take place next door, at Windmill Studios, and will include a collection of animated shorts.

After the screenings, stay!

Happy hour Brooklyn meets Spain with cava at 7:30 pm!

At midnight, party at IndieScreen with a special guest DJ Turmix from Spain!

Info & directions

Saturday, June 8th

Program 1: 30 años de oscuridad, at 5pm

IndieScreen, 289 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY ‎11211


Program 2: collection of animated shorts, at 5:30pm

Windmill Studios NYC, 287 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211

You can buy yout tickets for the second program here


I can’t wait to be meeting you at Brooklyn meets Spain!!!!



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