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Bruce Davidson: Time to change. The New Yorker

Kinki de los 80, NY. Bruce Davidson


I discovered Bruce Davidson’s work at Aperture foundation, in one of those fantastic exhibits that they host in Chelsea.

Since then, I became a Bruce Davidson’s fan. I love his photographs. The exhibit at Aperture was about New York’s train in the eighties. You can read more about it here.

His photography are so touching. You can stop staring at his photos, this kind of photo that make you stop and look at them, and look, and look. A few hours ago, I was checking Facebook looking for some other things, and one of his photos kept my attention.

New York City, 1962 by Bruce Davidson

New York City, 1962, by Bruce Davidson

The New Yorker have published the “Bruce Davidson: Time of change” article about photos of Bruce Davidson in the civil rights era. Here the link. I can not wait to get in the exhibit at Howard Greenberg Gallery. Those days with this heat I can not figure out better option for hanging out! Until August 7th!

Check the slide show of the article and get in the exhibit, I am sure you will not regret it! I will go for sure! I want to see this photo:

Chicago, 1962 by Bruce Davidson

Chicago, 1962, by Bruce Davidson

I can not stop looking at that picture. It is pure beauty!

Stay cool, New Yorkers!



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