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The Spanish painter Jorge Pombo exhibits in Chelsea

When my friend first told me about the painter Jorge Pombo I knew I had to meet him. My friend, Marta Zarpardiel, was curating a performance, RENDER, with two dancers and the work of a Spanish painter.

RENDER Art Project. New York I – April 13th, 2014

She told me about Jorge Pombo‘s work. Pombo moved to New York in 2013, he was already a successful artist, in Barcelona worked with a prestigious gallery, and had several solo exhibits in different Europeans cities. Marta asserted he was a great painter and explained me he painted cities, maps…, enough said for me. I immediately told her, I will check him out later that night. Of course I did, and decided I will meet this artist and his work, sooner o later.

Jorge Pombo, Madrid/New York _180x150cm _2009 _oil on canvas

Jorge Pombo, Madrid/New York _180x150cm _2009 _oil on canvas

A few months later,  I met him at my friend’s engagement party. As expected from what my friend had told me, Jorge was a really charming person, and he invited me to see his work at his studio. A few months after, he was at the Gowanus Open Studios last fall. I went to visited Jorge to discover his work. It was a truly captivating visit, I loved his unique paintings with the maps, a paint about Istanbul, and the paints about cities layered in the same paint… I was amazed about the painting process, that he was plainly explaining. I was highly impress. I knew then it will come soon the day he was having an opening in some gallery in Chelsea. And that day had arrived!

Jorge Pombo at his studio

Jorge Pombo at his studio

We are lucky to be able to enjoy the work of Jorge Pombo. The Bertrand Delacroix Gallery is introducing Jorge Pombo to New Yorkers. I am pretty sure they are going to fall in love with his work.

Get tomorrow at the gallery to meet this amazing artist and to discover his splendid work.

Bertrand Delacroix Gallery

Introducing Jorge Pombo Photo by Bertrand Delacroix Gallery


December 18th, 6:00pm-8:00pm.
Bertrand Delacroix Gallery
535 West 25th Street, New York, NY 10001 | 212-627-4444


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