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Let’s enjoy French cinema! Truffaut in NY!

François Truffaut

Do you like European cinema? I do. If you enjoy a good French movie, you have a date with Truffaut the next days.

Les quatre cents coups

Les quatre cents coups

From today until Thursday, April 17 at Film Forum is hosting Tout Truffaut!

Click here to see the full schedule. Don’t miss the chance to see Truffaut’s movies. You should start with Les quatre cents coups (The 400 blows).

Oh, please, don’t miss Jules and Jim!

If you like also Fanny Ardant, don’t miss La Femme d’à côté, (The women next door).

Well, check the schedule and get at Film Forum, I am sure you will enjoy almost any of his movies.

Tout Truffaut, at Film Forum
209 West Houston Street, New York, NY 10014,
between 6th Avenue and Varick (7th Avenue)

François Truffaut

“I have always preferred the reflection of the life to life itself.”, François Truffaut.

Bon weekend!


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