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Paella Sea Food

Last Saturday, beach all day long. After, pizza in a place with patio (back yard), at Roberta’s in Brooklyn. Sunday, paella at 3:00 pm for lunch, of course!


Some days ago an American asked me what I really miss (things not people) from my city. I replay him quickly “Having the beach close to my home”. In Barcelona I live in Raval, I use to spend less than 20 minutes to be in the beach, La Barceloneta. But not only this… I didn’t want to be rude… I didn’t tell him that I miss too the Spanish food…  like paella. Of course many times I really miss my city, which I love so much, but then I could have some weekend like that and I feel again at home…

Sangria NYC

Some days after this conversation with this guy, two of my best friends from Barcelona posted in Facebook a picture of a paella. We use to go together every year to the beach and one of them cooks paella for us. It is always so delicious! They went again this year, of course, and they ate paella without me… I was envious, so envious. I thought “my last paella I ate in march” (when I went back to Barcelona for some days); my mom cooks a wonderful paella! The best paella ever!! She cooked for me of course! Then, I decided… Ok, It is time to go to Socarrat to eat paella! I decided to do it like we use to do it! Americans, I have to tell you something… We do not eat paella for dinner, whe have paella for lunch! I decided to have paella on Sunday at 3:00 pm! The best time to eat it!

paella sea food

It was great. I really was so excited! We went to Socarrat Nolita, many people told me it is the best place to eat paella in Manhattan. I have to say that it was so delicious! The place is so nice also. We was there with NYC Restaurant Week (a chance to eat in a good restaurant for less price during some weeks), we toke a menu. We order gambas al ajillo, croquetas, pan con tomate, paella de verduras, paella de carne and paella de marisco y pescado (of course I order paella of sea food). The shrimp was so good, with garlic… Delicious! And the paella too. It is not like my mother’s or La Paris’ paella, but It was a very good one.

I really enjoy it! It was like to be at home: sunday, sun, good friends and paella! ♥

[You can see more pictures in the album Paella time.]

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