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Looking for a Christmas present?

Barcelonalovesnewyork merchandinsing

December is almost here, Rockefeller Tree is lit and New Yorkers started looking for Christmas Presents…

Don’t panic, New Yorkers, Etsy is opening a Etsy Holiday Shop in Soho!

Barcelonalovesnewyork merchandinsing_big
I got in New York in September 2010, in October I begun to attend to Etsy Craft Night once at week. It used to be one of my favorite things to do in NY. I wrote before about Etsy, a handmade online shop, you can read it here.

I love Etsy and their people are friendly and super cool!

I would love to be right now in New York to join them for their inaugural event today in Soho! If you can not join them today, don’t worry, they will be there until December 8th.

Etsy opening

B♥NY ♥ Etsy

Happy shopping hunting!


[You can see more pictures about Etsy in the album Etsy Labs.]






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