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The new Fort Tilden? Let’s try to live under the sea!


I know is not the most sunny day of the week, but still, it will be hot out there…

C’mon, let’s go to the beach!!!!

I wrote about the sea, the beach, a few times, I wrote about the Power of the sea,  about dauphins in Fort Tilden, and well, it had been a part of my writing. As my friends know, I believe I was born in the sea… Maybe because of that my favorite Disney movie is The little mermaid.

I know, I know, Sebastian is singing in Spanish, sorry, I truly love this version. But if you prefer the English one, I give it to you also!

As we all know the hurricane Sandy destroyed many beaches in Rockaway and Fort Tilden is still not ready because of that. But, let’s go to see how we could live under the sea! Let’s see if Jacob Riis could be the next Fort Tilden!

Fort Tilden Beach, shore

Happy Sunday!

By the way, next week you can not miss the wonderful festival Between The Seas, but I will write about it tonight!

See you under the sea?





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