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Time to Warm Up! Let’s go to Queens!

People at Warm Up 2012

It is time to Warm Up, it is time to go to MOMA PS1! Come on, let’s go to Queens!!!


The last time that I was in New York on vacation, august 2009, I decided to go to Queens. Just to visit it, I wanted to see the MOMA PS1 and some others things… When I came back to my friend’s home, he asked me what I did for a whole day in Queens!!!! He couldn’t believe that I spent the a journey in Queens! There are obviously several reasons to visit Queens! Diversity, maybe? But, if you need a specific reason to visit Queens, here one:

Go to MOMA PS1 any saturday from now through September 8! You will be in a nice building, enjoying great exhibits, amazing atmosphere, outdoor dancing and cool people. Do you need anything else?

Any party named Warm Up has to be super cool!


B♥NY ♥ MOMA PS1 and his Warm Up parties!

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