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A real American experience

United we Stand, Brooklyn

On this rainy and winter Saturday I had a real American experience…

United we Stand, Brooklyn

United we Stand, Brooklyn

I was having a birthday party at my friend’s home. It was supposed to be a Brooklyn Back yard party but the weather makes change the original plan. The wonderful party became an indoor party. But it was great anyway, delicious food, some American sangría, good people and better friends.

At the end, the host decided to make fire at the back yard. Just at the moment I was going to have a real American experience. First time I tried marshmallow and smore!! I had never even heard about that “sandwich” so popular in a camping fire! If you are not familiar with that, just watch the video!

A day also too rediscover other popular songs…

The eighties’ version of Tiffany:

Or the original version:

Which version do you prefer? What are you doing today? I am on my way to Harlem, to venture out into the neighborhood… I can’t wait to walk all over. At the end of the day, I am going to enjoy The New York Philharmonic Memorial Day Concert!

The weekend in New York is never bad!

Happy Memorial Day!



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