Things to do This is New York!

A regular day in New York City?

Kinki from 80

Today it was a New Yorker day…

I started a hard day: Williamsburg, thinking, Greenpoint, Williamsburg again, thinking, new apartment, Manhattan, thinking, talking by the cellphone, train, texting and more texting, bus, raining…

But after that… you go to 547 27th Street, in Chelsea, to the Aperture’s Opening about some photographer and some pictures of the train in the eighties.

Kinki de los 80, NY by Bruce Davidson

Kinki de los 80, NY by Bruce Davidson

And then happens… you go an opening and everything change!! Discovering artist, drinking good wine, not thinking, meeting people that you knew, new people, not thinking, meeting crazy people who can get you in some Sony Gallery where you can still have some good wine and good exhibition, where you discover a new artist, new people…

Kinkis de los 80, NY train by Bruce Davidson

Kinkis de los 80, NY train by Bruce Davidson

And everything starts again… Oh, yes, this is New York City, at least this is the city that I love! ♥

The pictures of the Kinkis from NYC are from Bruce Davidson, wonderful exhibition and beautiful pictures!

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    Bruce Davidson |
    July 17, 2013 at 5:42 am

    […] I do love his photographs. The exhibit at Aperture was about New York’s train in the eighties. You can read more about it here. […]

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