This is New York!

Barcelona versus New York, right now!

La Barceloneta, Barcelona Beach

Those days I am thinking a lot in Barcelona…

La Barceloneta, Barcelona

La Barceloneta, Barcelona

Someone posted about the beautiful light of Barcelona at that time, that one that bring you at summer, that lead you to have a drink in any of the fabulous terrassetes that the city has. I love it.  Yesterday, I was looking for some pictures and I found a Barcelona’s beach picture that I took in March. Ohhh, it is so beautiful! It make me feel homesick… I miss having the beach so close… I believe that if you have grow up in a beach city, you become addicted to. It is something natural, I believe so. Also, right now some of my friends are enjoying one of the best Indie Music Festival EVER, Primavera Sound! I really would love to be in Barcelona this weekend…

Here in New York right now is raining. But I have my day off! I had tea with my neighbors, nice chatting. Now, I am going to Manhattan. Some nice exhibit, MOMA (OMG, how much I missed going to Moma in Barcelona!), some wonderful dinner, good friends… I will have a party at a Brooklyn Backyard’s friend, a New York Philharmonic concert, discovering a little bite more about Harlem… And some other things…

Fill it with own imagination


And, you know, I just read that Memorial Day marks the start of the summer. I decided that I trust that! And I decided also that my NY beach will be fine at the end, crossing my fingers to come back soon to Fort Tilden!

Fort Tilden Beach, New York

Fort Tilden, New York


Oh, yeah, I feel homesick about Barcelona, but I still love so much New York!

Happy Memorial Weekend!!



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