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Brooklyn women rock, they always did

There was a time in Brooklyn when men would give up while women kept going, when men quit and women kept fighting. There was a ride in Brooklyn and women won.

More than a century ago there was a place in Crown Heights that congregated men and women from all over the borough, it was named The Bedford rest. Back then, bicycles were the favorite transportation of many Brooklynites, it was a new entertainment; men and women enjoyed biking everywhere. Brooklynites found bicycles clubs, rode, raced,… almost like nowadays.

“Everyone liked to bike, and the “wheelmen,” (and wheelwomen) as they were called, took to the streets looking for nice long rides within the city. Soon, they began to look for places to stop and rest.”

In the Summer of 1900, there was a race to Coney Island, over 450 people, only eight women were riding. Many men riders quit due some bike’s issues or the weather conditions while the eight women made it until the end. All of them end up happily at the Bedford Rest.


Proposed new Bedford Rest, Brooklyn Eagle, 1986

All the info come from the two articles published on Click the links to know more about how Brooklynites biked and this fantastic place!


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