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A “real” New Yorker?

New yorker sleeping

For a while I was obsess with some article that I read about being a New Yorker. To be honest, I am still obsess with that. I will write more about it because It will take me so long to do it… Anyway, I can not stop thinking about it…

What means to be a New Yorker? When you know that someone is a “real” New Yorker”?… Over the last days I am feeling that I met some of them.


The last friday I was at Piano’s in the Lower East Side. I met a friend there for the happy hour. Then we meet a guy, an artist, musician, good looking, kind of extravagant, kind of drunk also, but absolutely interesting… He was born in Miami, at 7 years old the family moved to Harlem, where he was raised. He was wearing total black, a broken t-shirt, a suit jacket, jeans, a cool hat, many tattoos and a beauty spot in his face… We were talking about many things…  He confess to us that he prefers LA to New York because in LA (I love how the americans spell LA! Sorry for the interruption) he was cooler that in New York, that here he was so normal. I didn’t feel he was so common, but maybe he was right… In some point my friend, who is living here from more than 12 years, comment me “He is a real New Yorker”. At that time I didn’t think so much about it, but I consider that he is a real New Yorker.

The day after I was thinking again about what means exactly…

And yesterday I met another “real New Yorker”.

A real New Yorker, at the train.

A real New Yorker, at the train.


Well, I met him before but we didn’t talk each other the first time… I saw him in the train in july, he was sleeping there… I was with my parents, they were visiting, I looked at him and I was impress for his style… I mean, he was sleeping in the train station… Then, I took some pictures and we just left. Yesterday, on the bus I ran into somebody, he told me something, but I couldn’t understand him… I said sorry and I just seat. Suddenly, I recognized him! I checked my Ipod to be sure… It was him! The “cowboy” guy! I didn’t know how to tell him… We both got of in the same stop. I decided to show him the picture…


A New Yorker at the train.

We started talking. He was great! Interesting, nice, good conversation… He was born in New York, he also traveled a lot… We were talking for a while. Finally I asked to take another picture. He really liked me and he permitted it. We said good bye each other with the hope to met again, somewhere… I hope here, in New York…


Oh, sorry for the last picture, I know it is not a good one, but I like it because it is the proof that I met again a “real” New Yorker.


And also…

B♥New Yorkers, whatever they are… ♥


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