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from S 6th

Yesterday morning, Manhattan: Midtown Library. Hot day. Yoga class in Chelsea. Some shopping. Too much traffic. Little storm in LES… Yesterday afternoon…

Williamsburg: Bridge. Not brakes. Not gears. Hot day. Salvation Army. Ice Coffee. Bike Workshop. Bike fixed. Riding. Broken bike. Strange on my way…

Williamsburg Bridge

Williamsburg Bridge

I’m here since nine months ago and I feel still many times that I love to be here! Yesterday It was some of this days…

At morning, I went to return some books to the Library and after that I took a hard yoga class, in Chelsea. I was shopping a little bit (Summer Sale!). I was so tired, but I needed repair my bike. I have to recognize that I was riding my bike without gear and the last times with the brakes broken… I knew some place in Williamsburg, Time’s Up, they help you to fix your bike (of course, you have to give them some donation). I decided to ride by the bridge! When I arrived to Bedford Ave I felt better. In New York when you across the bridges, you feel always better, more relaxed, more peaceful… Of course, I was in Salvation Army. At 6:30 pm I went to Time’s Up. It was great. There are some guys who help you to fix your bike. You have to work by yourself but they came to help you, they give you the tools, the advices… All that you need it! I was so proud of myself. I never fixed any of my bikes! I changed the brakes and a part of a gears!! OMG! I love this place. The atmosphere is good too and the guys are sooo nice! After I fixed it I rode my bike to come back home, but after five minutes riding, my bike stopped and I couldn’t ride. I tried to figured out what happened but I couldn’t. It was at night, I was so tired and I didn’t know anything about mechanical things! I begun to think that Williamsburg and this place not was so great as I thought. Then, some strange stopped and asked me if I needed some help… The strange was Lucas, an actor from San Francisco. We needed some tools and we walked with the bikes to the next Gas station. He fixed my bike and we rode ours bikes again until Park Slope, me until North Slope, him to South Slope. It was so nice. I felt again that Williamsburg, Time’s Up, Brooklyn and all things are great here.

I felt again that I love to live here.♥

Loving NY

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