Things to do This is New York!

Let’s go to run!!!

Prospect Park

Many many days ago I was thinking I will try to run, I have to run, I have to do it! Finally I did…

This morning I woke up and I knew it was time to run!

Prospect Park

I ride my bike to Grand Army Plaza. There was a lot of people in Prospect Park. I start running but I was tired so quickly and I felt it was boring, as I always thought. I stopped to take some pictures of the park, of my sneakers (I have to say that I never put them and I felt that they are not my feet and I watching them so often!). Obviously I was not having fun!

Running in Prospect Park!

Then, I decide go back in my way. I stopped and I thought that I have to try running really. I put on my Ipod:  No cars go of Arcade Fire and I begin to run and I just watch to the people who were running. After some minutes I realized that it could be so interesting run in a park in New York City. You only have to open your eyes and just enjoy it!

Oh, yes, I think New York again changed my mind… I have to say that I just decided go to run more often. Ok, maybe I need some advices to do it better, new clothes, a good running’s music selection and some park in New York.

Yes, I will do it again! Let’s go to run! ♥



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