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Let’s go to the beach. Let’s go to Rockaway!

For those who are not lucky enough to leave New York for the weekend, New York offers a number of options to feel that you have actually got out of town. We have parks, swimming pools, and the most important, we have beaches!

We have Rockaway beaches! Located in the Rockaway Peninsula, Queens, these beaches are probably the easiest and fastest options to get at the beach from Brooklyn, Queens, and some areas in Manhattan. There are as well several options depending on what are you looking for. If you want to easily commute by the train, you should mostly get at the beaches named by numbers. Besides, you could get there and to Jacob Riis or Fort Tilden by ferries and buses.

The beach 67th is the beach for surfers or surfers’ admirer. However, be aware you are not allow to swim in those beaches. Besides, you are welcome to take classes at the beach, the Locals Surf School are waiting for you!


Beach 67th, Rockaway

Nevertheless, if you don’t mind to walk under the sun, you will find a spot after the surf’s beaches, where you will be able to swim and it will be quieter than other beaches.


Beach 67th, Rockaway

The beach 86th offers the chance to get some food, since there are a couple of places right by the boardwalk. In addition, afterwards, you can get drinks at Rockaway Beach Surfer Club, great atmosphere, drinks, and some tacos! Indeed, you can walk for 15 minutes from Beach 67th as well.


Rockaway Beach Surf Club

Jacob Riis and Fort Tilden are probably the best options if you bike from Brooklyn. Fort Tilden, regularly frequented for Europeans, is the most isolated of those beaches, perhaps for this reason is one of the most beautiful. For me, it’s the closest idea of what beach means to me.

Fort Tilden

Fort Tilden

Jacob Riis gives you the chance to be at the beach, listen some alive music, grab some food, some drinks, and enjoy what the people who was running Brooklyn Night Bazaar Beach has to offer at the Riis Park Beach Bazaar.

Enjoy the beaches and keep them clean!

See you at Rockaway!





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