Things to do This is New York!

The summer is not over! Not yet!

Clams at the shore

The summer is not over! Not yet! Let’s go to Fort Tilden!!

Last weekend I was looking for some The power of the sea. I found it in Fort Tilden…

Clams at Fort Tilden beach

Everything was perfect!

It was a magical beach day! There was dolphins!!! I couldn’t believe it! There was a pack of dolphins going to somewhere, maybe looking for the power of the sea! It was wonderful! Everyone was standing up looking at them! But it was not only the dolphins! There was also clams, under the shore! Thousands of clams, trying to scape from ours foot… As the many New Yorkers, trying to scape from theirs routines…

I know that today maybe will be not many New Yorkers, for many of you the summer is over. But it is not really over!!! It is a sunny day, a perfect day to hang out in the cool Fort Tilden beach!

Fort Tilden Beach, shore

Let’s enjoy the end of the summer!

Happy Sunday!

B♥NY ♥ Fort Tilden


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    July 21, 2013 at 2:12 pm

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