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The summer is over?

Poetry at 40th streeet

Today I ordered a New York Times Subscription and I just found that…

Dear Diary:

The wealthy, pretty people are all
at the beach, leaving the rest of us
in an ordinary city
with manageable streets.
Soon they’ll be back, with
vacation-reading book reviews
and complaints about how
that place has really gone off,
filling the roads with goldenrod cabs,
and we will know,
truer than falling leaves,
that summer is over.

A Poem for the End of Summer, by Richard Storm

Poetry in 40th street

Is it true?? Is the summer really over? I think that we have still some time to enjoy the last weekends of the summer. Just go to some concert, have brunch in some backyard in Brooklyn, have a BBQ, hunt in some Flea Market outdoors, go to Governors Island, to Coney Island, to Fort Tilden or any cool beach, enjoy some movie outdoor or a free concert! Just enjoy this warms New York days!!!!!

Let’s enjoy then the rest of the summer!!! I will keep still my sandals to walk around Brooklyn!

Keeping my sandals until I can!


The summer is not over, not yet!


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