This is New York!

What The New York Times thinks about Williamsburg…

Williamsburg Bridge ©Monbarcelona

Do you like Williamsburg? I do love Williamsburg. Many comments about it last week, here why…

Williamsburg Bridge  ©Monbarcelona

Williamsburg Bridge ©Monbarcelona

Did you read the the most-e-mailed article in May 2th’s New York Times? The newspaper posted that on Facebook:

How I became a hipster

Here the link to read “How I became a hipster“. Judge by yourself…

After that, you should read what Brooklyn Magazine have to say about it! Here the articleWill.i.amsburg”: or The Day the New York Times Officially Became an Internet Troll”.

Bedford Ave. Williamsburg

Bedford Ave. ©Monbarcelona

Also, you could go and hang out around the wonderful Williamsburg and make your own conclusions!

I am pretty sure that you love or you will love Williamsburg! I do.


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